New Launching! Battery Regenerator / BRT-R1225

Battery Regenerator EBR-D3012 is battery restoration system with reconditioning technology that is different from general battery charger used with chemical additives.

Once battery capacity with charge current is adjusted, it pursues the total process of reconditioning by itself

No need to use any chemical additives.


Input voltage/ Frequency

110V ~ 240Vac / 50 ~ 60Hz  (Depends on user¡¯s  country.)

Output voltage

12V dc (Also we have 6V and 8V Restorer)

Range of Ah capacity

30 Ah ~ 200Ah  (other range can be also provided by special order)

Power consumption

Maximum 350 Watts

Cable length of DC outpu

1.5M for (+), (-) each




220mm(H) x 280mm(W) x 380mm(D)



1. Alarm with safe protection when (+), (-) poles are misconnected.

2. No electrical short when the DC (+), (-) clips are directly conducted.    

3. Voltage and current control function for optimistic restoration.

4. Function of memory hold when sudden electrical failure or accidental switch off     occurs. (It maintains the status and time so you can continue the restoration     without restarting the progress when the power returns.)    

5. Fan cooling for inner temperature control of the Restorer.    

6. Shuts off output power when the Restorer is overheated.    

7. Automatic power cut off with ending signal at the time of completion.    

8. Announcement of bad cell with display when the battery cell is abnormal.

9. Function of full discharge during process.

10. Provides RC time measurement to figure out the battery capacity.

11. Additional battery discharge test function.


1. Simple operation and high performance. 

2. No need to use any chemical additives to dissolve the sulfate stuck on the cell plates. It enables you to minimize man power and let you be free from additional cost of chemical treatment.

3. High energy efficiency (Low power dissipation during restoration process.)

4. When the machine detects the critical damage of the battery during the restoration process, the machine stops restoration with ¡°CEL bad¡± display. This function saves time to achieve more effective result.

5. Ability in restoration of discarded (dead) battery is supremely higher than other battery charging or restoring devices in the market. (But external damage, cell plate deformation, lack of electrolyte will not be expected to be recovered.)

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